About Me

About me! 

> Janilyn a.k.a Pinky
>February 28, (ohh please don't mind what year)

>crazy as you ;)
>kind-hearted :3

>pink, blue, orange, light green

>full time employee
>full time student too :D

I like outdoor activities so much. I have many things I want to try in my whole life such as skydiving, paradigling, camping, climbing, hiking and many more. I don't smoke but I do drink occasionally.....just occasionally:P .... (I drink once or twice a year)

My personality is ME, my attitude depends on YOU.

#selfie :P

hobbies..., activities...?

-Dancing: (I am thankful to my brother for introducing me to the world of dancing. He taught me everything what he have learned about dancing. He is actually a choreographer. He's the reason why I have these kind of talent :D )

Firedancing at the beach.


I'm with my teammates. These was taken before the competition started. I am at the right side of these photos. 

Our team have been invited to perform in our university event for an opening number. I have the chance to grab some photos from the photographers/fellow students/school stuffs. AND of course, I asked permission to grab their photographs. 
Credits to the photographers! See their names on the lower part of the photos or just click on the photo to see the original size and for you to be able read their names easily. 
(I'll just jot down their names to help yah read it :) )
Kaloy Arboso
Brian Dan Congson
Paolo Villanueva

We've been invited again. This time, a well-known large company chose us to perform in a basketball league (PBA). We're so blessed and happy because aside from choosing us, we're able to have a glimpse of those well known players. YEYSS!!

(Photo on the right - I'm with my brother..


^__^   ^^,   WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!!!!    ^__^   ^^,

HEHEHE! Hmmm, We always won in every competition that we've joined. I'm not bragging, I'm just telling the truth LOL! hehe I'm just proud of our team because despite of 24/7 practices, misunderstanding, hectic schedule which some of my co-teammates flunked in school and some are fired at their job(so terrible isn't it? hihihihi!) after all of these tragic moment we shone WE SHINE!! hehe! In a team there's always the rift in every situation; we all know that, and at the end we're still be friendsssss!! 

We are joining various competition inside and outside of our city. (Photo on the right - That's my brother slash sistah hehe!, he lift me up by himself---I told yah he's such a strong brotha!!!)

I have more pictures but i'll post only some that are clearer..

1st Summerfest Cheerdance Competition  CHAMPION (Open Category) ,another competition that we've joined. To God be the glory, our sweat and effort have paid off :D


-Drawing:  through a wide imagination ;) lols

-Martial Arts:
My main objective is to defend myself :P 

-Moo Duk Kwan
Soo Bahk Do/ Tang So Do
-Gan So Do
-Muay Thai

(Photo on the right - That's my brother (did some crossed-arm) between a guy in a khaki trouser and the master on the right side.

I just poured out all my anxieties in that speedball :P :P :P :P


I'm not use to play the piano in our house until I was bored and I've seen my sister playing it. I was astounded how the medley carried my temper HAHA! I was about in my prep level when I started to snap and ding those keys. I kept on observing my sister until I was able to play the whole piece. uhmm it's just a beginner piece :-/    P.S.  I'm not good at it though... unfortunately our piano is out-of-tune O_o


-hmmm basic sewing

 (Fashion School) this is my dress form :D

my working sewing table with my "so on things" lol! hehe!

JUKI sewing machine owned by our fashion school. It's kind of easy to use.
mine is Brother sewing machine given by my sister ♥

my working table.. very messy haha!

O_O more on mathematics pheeeew!!!


I Bake and I Eat (^___^) 


and many many many more! If you're crazy like me, you can do everything XD Just believe in yourself. enjoy and explore!

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